First Glimpse at Computer Vision

My first competition in the Kaggle community is the Digit Recognizer competition run by Kaggle. The competition’s objective is to teach Kagglers the fundamentals of computer vision, and as such is part tutorial, part competition.

I’m extremely excited about this competition for multiple reasons. First and foremost, I’m finally going to apply the ML fundamentals I picked up from Kaggle Learn over the last week. I wasn’t sure about how to start this process from scratch, so the format of this competition suits my needs perfectly. Second, computer vision is a ridiculously popular subfield of AI! Tech giants across the board are investing heavily in advanced computer vision research, and many of Kaggle’s top-tier competitions involve image classification in some form. It’s pretty satisfying knowing that the skills I’ll develop from this competition have immediate and pressing applications.

Most of all, I’m excited for this competition because it represents the first step of my journey towards becoming a real data scientist. It’s the confidence that I’ll gain from self-improvement that will ultimately have the biggest impact going forwards, and I think this competition serves as the perfect medium for that to happen. On that note, here goes nothing!

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